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Digital Humidity Sensor SHT85 (RH/T)
Pin-type Humidity Sensor Enabling Easy Replaceability
A highly accurate, digital pin-type relative humidity sensor for easy replaceability in a wide range of applications.

The digital humidity sensor SHT85 is Sensirion’s best-in-class humidity sensor with a pin-type connector for easy integration and replacement. It builds on a highly accurate SHT3x sensor with long-term stability that is at the heart of Sensirion’s new humidity and temperature platform. The unique package design allows for the best possible thermal coupling to the environment and decoupling from potential heat sources on the main board. The SHT85 features a PTFE membrane dedicated to protecting the sensor opening from liquids and dust according to IP67 without affecting the response time of the RH signal.

It thus allows for sensor use under harsh environmental conditions such as high exposure to dust. Final accuracy testing on the product level ensures best performance, making the SHT85 the ultimate choice for even the most demanding applications.