Digital Humidity Sensor SHT4x (RH/T)
The 4th Generation of Best-in-Class Humidity Sensing
In line with Sensirion’s industry-proven humidity and temperature sensors, the SHT40 offers the best price-performance ratio on the market. Tape and reel packaging combined with its suitability for standard SMD assembly processes make the SHT4x ideal for high-volume applications.

The SHT40 builds on a completely new and optimized CMOSens® chip that offers reduced power consumption and improved accuracy specifications. With the extended supply voltage range from 1.08 V to 3.6 V, it’s the perfect fit for mobile and battery-driven applications. The exceptionally small size in a robust DFN housing enables integration into challenging designs while meeting the highest reliability demands, as demonstrated by the JEDEC JESD47 qualification.

In 2021, the high-accuracy versions SHT41 and SHT45 will be available. They feature typical and maximal accuracies that have been honed even further, down to ∆RH = ± 1.5% RH and ∆T = ± 0.1°C, making them suitable for the most demanding applications in all industries. The year 2021 will also bring additional protection options to complete the portfolio, meeting even the most rigorous technological challenges. The on-package filter membrane ensures IP67 compliance for exposed designs, while the protection option ensures reliable conformal coating.

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